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Pratyahara - Remembering Sabbath

Namaste! We are back and blogging again after our summer break. Today's post is the fifth in a series started last spring on the Eight Limbs of Yoga as viewed through Yogadevotion's faith-based lens.

He said to them, "Come away to a deserted place all by yourselves and rest a while." Mark 6:31

In our efforts to be good, do we forget to be whole? Barbara Brown Taylor poses this question in her book Leaving Church, as she recounts the busy-ness that permeated her life as an Episcopal parish priest. But its a question that applies to all of us, not just overworked clergy. How many of us, in our effort to live a good life, pack our calendars full of activity, and end up feeling drained rather than fulfilled?

Pratyahara, the fifth yoga limb, is a set of tools that help us restore balance in our busy lives. It's the practice of dampening external distractions, including those of our own making, to increase our awareness of God's healing Presence. Pratyahara is often likened to a turtle withdrawing limbs inside of its shell, or of traveling metaphorically to the desert, as Jesus did, to pray and be restored. Pratyahara is arguably one of the most important yoga limbs to practice today in our overstimulated, over-scheduled, 24X7 smart phone dominated culture. Read More 

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