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Extra Grace Required - Our Blog

Introducing Yogadevotion, Practicing in the Presence

After a year of loving this “God breathed” book into existence we are ready to introduce it to all of our friends. Heidi Green and I have created a beautiful book that we hope you will not only enjoy yourselves but will also give to your friends. This is a book of 52 weekly devotions that blend faith and yoga practices with photos of real people doing yoga in the world. Each week’s devotion includes scripture and spiritual focus to help guide your home yoga and prayer practices. We invite you to our website for more information on the book and how to purchase it. And please like us on Facebook at YogadevotionTheBook to receive the latest book news. If you are in a Yogadevotion class in the Twin Cities, Duluth or Indianapolis you may contact your instructor for information on a direct purchase. May this book bless you with God’s Promised Presence on your mat and in the world today and every day.

Rev. Cindy Senarighi

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