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Extra Grace Required - Our Blog

Advent Worship: The Practice of Waiting

A favorite commercial of mine is of a little boy, 5 or 6 years old, who is standing in the bath room, having trouble with his belt. At first he tugs on the belt calmly, but quickly the struggle becomes real. He hollers out, “Mom we have a situation!” Clearly, waiting, in this “situation” is out of the question. Often waiting is uncomfortable and at best, tolerable, yet waiting for the coming of God in human flesh during Advent is a special, sacred, holy practice.

As we light the Advent candles of hope, peace, joy and love, we remember again the Story of the people who waited for the promised Savior. They had been holding their breath for a long time and when at last they exhaled, the Savior they waited for was born. As the Story goes this was not a king born in a royal setting but a babe born in a dirt cave whose parents were on the run. The practice of waiting during the liturgical season of Advent invites us into the ancient story of the people who wait.  Read More 

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