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Extra Grace Required - Our Blog

Love Replaces Hate in Bean Blossom

Mary & Joseph in line to help scrub.

I waited my turn in line to scrub the swastika off of the church. The temperature was dropping and I wished I had remembered to bring my gloves. There were two other lines of scrubbers: one to remove “Heil Trump”, and the other to remove the words “Fag Church”. A local TV news crew was there with a beautifully coiffed reporter bouncing up and down on her toes to stay warm between takes. Cleaning the hate speech off of the church walls began after the Rector, Rev. Kelsey Hutto, first led us in prayer, “Tonight we gather together to ask the Lord’s blessing as we wash these symbols of division and evil from this church building and also from our own hearts.” A surprisingly short time later, the spray-painted graffiti was gone, and we celebrated, singing Amazing Grace as we processed into the little church’s sanctuary for a candlelit service of healing.  Read More 

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