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A Joyful Noise

Broad Ripple Village Holiday Parade, Indianapolis, Indiana

On a crisp cloud-covered night last Saturday, my husband and I walked into the village to watch the annual holiday parade. The sidewalks were lined with bundled-up children, attentive guardians, and young adults in Santa hats taking a break from the village pub crawl. The parade's "floats" consisted of trucks and cars strewn with ropes of colored lights and blinking holiday decorations, many advertising local businesses. The girl scouts and animal rescue organizations marched and dispersed candy canes to the crowd, a couple of community bands enthusiastically played Carols, and a waving Santa Claus brought up the rear. The parade ended at the historic brick fire station where the parade's Santa led the gathered crowd in singing Jingle Bells. Kids, pub-crawlers, parents and grandparents, all sang together in the cold night air, "...jingle all the way!" I felt like I was among Who’s down in Who-ville, with nary a Grinch in sight.  Read More 

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