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Extra Grace Required - Our Blog

Guest Blog! Lent & Yoga:Exploring Connections

A Reflection
by Michel Le Gribble-Dates

I go to my mat to wonder about whether a connection exists between Lent and my yoga practice, and if so, what that connection is…and I am filled with wonder.

I begin in Child's Pose and consider how during Lent my Christian tradition encourages me to pray, fast, and give alms.

Prayer, fasting, almsgiving…three disciplines that my yoga practice also leads me to.

Of prayer: To speak or sing a prayer, to stand or sit while praying all require my body. And yet, it wasn’t until I embodied prayer on my yoga mat that I came fully to God in prayer.

Of fasting: Like Lent, Yoga moves me to let go. Loosening areas of the body that tend to grip when I experience stress makes fasting, or letting go, a daily focus on my mat.

Of almsgiving: As I transition through postures on my mat I focus on keeping the entire front of my physical body open…the side that I approach all of life with. My heart softens and I become more generous just as Lent calls me to do.
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