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Extra Grace Required - Our Blog


"Let the waters teem with swarms of living creatures." Genesis 1:20

When I was young, my favorite summer outing was an entire day spent at the beach. My mother would pack a picnic lunch, and while she watched the younger children and wrote letters under a sun umbrella, I played in the waves with the “big” kids and built sand castles with large moats that filled with seawater as the surf came in. Our favorite beach was not the wide sandy swath near the boardwalk, crowded with well-oiled sunbathers sprawled on their towels listening to transistor radios, but the partly rocky beach further along the coast where we had found tide pools. As a child I typically spent half the day playing in the water companionably with my siblings, and the other half of the day, belly down on a large rock, staring into a tide pool, watching small crabs scuttle about, poking my finger into sea anemones, and intently searching the pool with my gaze for starfish and sand dollars, content to be still and watch the activity in the miniature water world beneath me.  Read More 

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